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Organising Your Workspace - Desk Inspo

Fabulous Kristin, from @StudyDiaryofaMedStudent, shows us around her workspace and gives us her best tips for organising an inspiring desk. 💖

#Inspiration #Organisation

Organising your workspace so that it inspires you to sit down and get things done is more important than one would perhaps think. This is especially true if you are a student, since this is probably where you’ll find yourself every day, pouring over textbooks.

But what things are important to think about when planning a space for study and work? Which things do you need?

Our friend Kristin, from @StudyDiaryofaMedStudent, gives us her thoughts and guides us through her own lovely space in pictures!

- The number one, most important thing would be my planner - I use it so much! I love decorating it and using it as a diary or book of memories too.

A couple of great pens for journaling in your Personal Planner are Stabilo’s felt-tip pens in happy colours, and Pilot’s FriXion pens with magical ink - it’s erasable!

- I think about how I store and display the notebooks and planners that I use every day, says Kristin. It’s important that they’re easily accessible, and that they look cute!

As a medicin student (now doctor!) Kristin knows how important hydrating your brain during the whole day is.
- I always keep a glass of water on my desk so I don't forget to drink.
And if you’re paying attention to her pictures, SNACKS also. ;)

A sweet feature in Kristin’s workspace is all the quirky quotes that she surrounds herself with.
- I love decorating my space with postcards and posters with motivational quotes, she says.
She often rearranges them or swaps them for new ones, so she can constantly have some fresh words to inspire her for the day’s work.

Say hi to Kristin and see her gorgeous pictures on Instagram, @StudyDiaryofaMedStudent.

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